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Rod Pocket Curtain Information

Rod Pocket Drapes

Rod pocket curtains present a clean, relaxed look to your window dressing. When you use curtains in the rod pocket style, the need for extra hardware is eliminated. You can simply thread your custom curtains onto your curtain rod, hang, and enjoy!

Curtain Hardware for Rod Pocket Curtains

When ordering your custom curtains in the rod pocket style, it is important to choose your hardware first. The diameter of the curtain rod will determine the size of the pocket at the top of your curtains.

Decorating with Rod Pocket Curtains

When you choose to decorate with rod pocket style custom curtains, you will bring a soft yet full style to your shade. Rod Pocket curtains hang tighter on the rod, therefore will not shift in the wind like some other styles of shade curtains.

When ordering your custom curtains in rod pocket style, consider whether you want a luxurious look or a more tailored style. Adding extra length to your curtains will give you the puddle effect on the ground, which is both timeless and elegant. Another choice is to have your custom curtains float just above your floor surface. This allows your curtains to flow in the breeze.