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Accessorize Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor accessories can be the final touch to your outdoor living space. Ideally you want to bring the indoors out. By choosing furniture, pillows and accessories that are similar in color and weight with your interior decor, you can be successful to bring a seamless flow to your design. What's great about an outdoor cushion is it can add a splash of color on a neutral background and give a cold outdoor area warmth and comfort. Outdoor cushions and pillows are made with acrylic fabrics made to withstand the outdoor elements. These days we have a huge selection of fabrics that will match your indoor design aesthetic.

Beautiful pergolas or gazebos will get the maximum look by adding outdoor drapes. Outdoor sheers on porches and cabana areas will add a bit of whimsy as well as privacy. Having trouble deciding what kind of fabric to choose for your outdoor area? Think Resort! Most beach resorts will have great designer looks that can be great ideas for you. Think natural earthy colors, like rattan, burlap, or white linen. If you have a pool area with lots of plants and foliage, get inspiration from it. Adding decorative fabric that mimics a palm tree or beautiful exotic flowers can spice up and personalize your space. Using natural woods such as teak furniture is perfect in bringing natural and environmentally friendly aesthetic to your outdoor area.

Remember to be consistent with quality. Ultimately the outdoor furniture and accessories you select should be compatible with the overall quality of your landscape and home. If you design your outdoor area with your families needs in mind you can't go wrong.

article by Anita Winter